Sounds of a Generous Universe

(US – 2001)

I know the pieces fit“ – the final and the first verse express both knowledge and despair. It could work, but it doesn’t. Commanding communication, the ultimate Tool for understanding between humans of any gender, doesn’t imply that communication actually works. A schism is bound to happen, or rather: it has already happened in a general sense: we have lost the ability to genuinely understand the other.

To bring the pieces back together, rediscover communication“ is the desire, but can it be done? Or has pathological individualism taken over for the remainder of our days, anticipating our doom?

The music is a constant struggle, just like the main theme. Apart from the bass and guitar hooks there’s a lot of friction, the tension becomes insupportable. A song so intricate I almost always have to listen to it twice to get into it. A mysterious…

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